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If you're in search of a used electric window motor and regulator replacement for your car, Partfinder Canada will help you locate this item within Canada. We are the leading online service throughout all of Canada for locating used automotive spare parts. We have the best electric window motor and regulator suppliers in our network. If you are looking to upgrade the electric window motor and regulators in your vehicle or van, you can get the most affordable prices for this on Partfinder Canada. 

The main advantage of using Partfinder Canada over manual searching for parts is that you can complete the entire process while staying at home. You can provide us with your car's details as well as the part you require, and we'll look for every item that our suppliers carry and offer you the possibility of purchasing the part you need for your vehicle. When you select a component that we have, we'll get you connected with the seller, and you can purchase the part directly from them. 

What is an electric window motor and how does it work?

Electric windows are similar to manual window-winding systems, with the exception that the hand-winder is replaced with a motor. The mechanism is typically comprised of a dual-way control switch connected by two circuits connected to the motor inside every door. The switch's position and circuit drive the motor in one direction to spin the window up, while the second switch's position and circuit will wind the window down. The switch is connected to the battery in the vehicle's electrical system. 

The window lift found on the majority of vehicles uses a linkage that is used to lift the glass while maintaining it at a level. An electric motor of a small size is linked to a worm gear as well as many other spur gears to make a huge reduction in the gear, giving it sufficient torque to raise or lower the windows. In this setup, the power is delivered to the driver's door. The power source is the window switch control panel that is located at the door. It is distributed to a switch located in the middle of each one, as well as two (depending on the kind of car), window switches. 

Two contacts, one on each end of the power switch, are linked to the ground of the vehicle as well as to the motor. The power is also routed via the locking switch, which is connected to the same window switch on the doors. When the driver hits one of the switches on the door, one of the side contacts is disconnected from their grounding and is connected to the centre power connection, while the other remains grounded. This supplies energy to the window motor. If the switch were turned in the opposite direction, the motor's power would be pushed in the opposite direction.

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We aim to offer you the maximum ease and convenience with what we provide. Not only are lavish used auto parts what we offer you, but delivery at your doorstep with all professional obligations is what we proudly give to all our clients. In just a few clicks, you can now get electric window motors or any other frequently demanded spare part on your doorstep, no matter where you live in Canada. Safe and swift delivery of all auto spare parts is one of our quality services.

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