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Partfinder Canada is your one-stop solution to help provide you with robust and reliable spare car parts at the cheapest online prices. You can get those used car parts delivered to your doorstep or your desired destination which ensures that you stay safe in the safety of your house and can order your desired automotive parts from anywhere in Canada. We have devised a foolproof way to help you procure and deliver the required auto parts for your cars, vans trucks.  Car Spare Parts In Canada

We maintain a network of spare parts sellers from all over Canada who are trusted and verified associates of our business. We choose those parts sellers through very strict criteria and they have to maintain high customer satisfaction ratings to continue doing business with us. Helping you to provide genuine and authentic new or used spare parts is what we aim for and thrive upon.

Role of the Repair and Spare Parts Industry in Canada

Canadian automotive repair and spare parts industry generates over 30 billion USD each year and employs millions of people. The huge influx of vehicles means there must be a sizeable repair and spare parts industry to match the demand and keep the vehicles rolling on the roads.

While underdeveloped countries depend on repair jobs and repairing the old parts, in the developed world it is impossible to allocate so much time to repairs. Each car is comprised of thousands of parts and being it all mechanical, any part can give in and require replacement. We must know what options we have when it comes to spare parts replacement.

What Kind of Car Parts are Available in the Canadian Market?

Buying a perfectly working part cheaper than the part that is available at the dealership is possible. You just need to know what options are available to you and how to avail them. Usually, you can go for brand-new spare parts available at the dealership. They might be an excellent option but they do not come cheap.  Car Parts For Sale In Canada

You can go for the used spare parts option but you can never be assured about the quality and condition of the used spare part and can end up damaging the vehicle and your pocket too. Perhaps the best option is to go for the refurbished spare parts as they offer benefits from both sides. Those parts are basically used parts but they are refurbished to the highest standards and although they are cheaper than the new parts, they work as well as brand-new parts. 

Automotive Industry in Canada

Canadian automotive industry punches way above its weight when it comes to the production of vehicles. Approximately 2 million vehicles are manufactured each year by Canadian auto manufacturers. There are over 35 million operating vehicles on Canadian roads. When you have such a large number of vehicles on the road, you require a strong spare parts industry to match the demand and supply to keep the vehicles running. At Partfinder Canada, you can locate, purchase and get any new, used or refurbished part delivered at any address without leaving the safety of your home.

Canadian Economy Driving the Automotive Industry

Canada has enjoyed economic prosperity for several decades now and thanks to its geographical importance, it has never faced a shortage of buyers for its automotive products. Canadian economy is the driving force to the automotive industry and the current GDP stands at 1600 billion USD with a growth rate reaching 1.7% in 2020.  Auto Spare Parts In Canada

Auto manufacturing in Canada is at its best at the moment. This sector is contributing 19 billion USD in Canadian GDP and employs over half a million workforce making it one of the biggest manufacturing sectors of Canada.

Usage of Public and Private Transport

Canada has a very strong car-owning culture and almost every household owns a vehicle. 84% of Canadians own a vehicle and 41% of Canadians own more than one vehicle. With vast areas and long distances between the settlements, it is almost compulsory to have your own vehicle.

Using public transport which no doubt is an efficient service, has many disadvantages that include wastage of time and lowering quality of life while having a private vehicle give you freedom to move at your will.

Where to Buy Car Parts at Economical Prices

The conventional way of finding a part is you go straight to the dealership or to the auto market and try and find the part that you are looking for. It is not economical to visit all the auto markets and compare the prices but what if you are given the choice to find the part from all over Canada and you do not have to leave the safety of your home?  Used Spare Parts In Canada

Partfinder Canada can offer you an easy way so you can purchase the part online and save yourself from visiting several auto markets and shops in extreme weather. Parts that our sellers provide are authentic and reliable and can be purchased without any problem.

Buy the Car Parts Online Through Partfinder Canada

We manage a vast network of spare parts sellers located all over Canada. We choose those part sellers after they complete our strict criteria and to continue doing business with us, they have to maintain a very high customer satisfaction rating.

You just fill in the required fields such as make, model, year of manufacturing and registration number. Mention the part that you require and our system locates the part automatically and presents you with a list of parts that are available with part sellers so you can choose according to your requirements and budget. We deal in all sorts of parts such as car parts, van parts, SUV parts and 4x4 parts.

Why buy from Partfinder Canada  Car Parts In Canada

There are countless choices when it comes to buying spare parts online but you must choose an online portal that has been in this business for a long time and has earned the reputation of a fair dealing organization. We have been in this business for more than a decade and have invested our time and resources to make the processes as simple as possible. Our experience has given us the liberty to refine the process and make the buying process as transparent as possible. Our checks and balances over the parts sellers help us retain the clientele and keep them coming for more.

100% Customer Satisfaction and Warranty

We pay special attention to providing our customers with 100% satisfaction. To keep our customers satisfied and stress-free, our car part sellers offer a warranty on each part that is being sold from our portal depending on the condition of the part. This gives the customer the ultimate peace of mind and confidence to revisit.

Big Savings When You Buy with Us

We can help you save almost 50% when you opt to buy refurbished or used parts from our portal as the new part would have cost you almost double anyway. Our seasonal sales can add an extra 10 to 15% and take the savings further. We highly recommend that you use our service to see what difference we make.

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